Master Phil Ross poses with New Crowned AMMO Fight League Champion Zack Fox

Master Phil Ross poses with New Crowned AMMO Fight League Champion Zack Fox

South Windsor, CT: AMMO Fight League. On Saturday, May 11th, Zack Fox of the American Eagle MMA/ Team Alliance Fight Team won two divisions and secured the Cruiserweight Submission Fighting Title Belt at the Second AMMO Fight League Championships. The tournament was heavily attended by Gracie Jiu Jitsu Schools and the American Eagle MMA fighter was the only representative from Team Alliance Jiu Jitsu. There were Professional MMA Fighters from the Bellatore as well as Team Link Jiu Jitsu fighters in attendance.

Fox finished two opponents via Submission Armbar and one by a dominant decision enroute his title belt. This is Zack’s 4th Championship in a row. He won 1st at the NAGA Nationals last November, 1st palce at the NAGA World Championships in April and now the AMMO Fight League title winning first place in both Gi and No Gi Competitions.


Zack Fox, NAGA Cruiser-weight Champion

Zack Fox, NAGA Cruiser-weight Champion

Mennen Sports Arena, Morristown, NJ, April 20th & 21st; The North American Grappling Association: NAGA, 
held the the 2013 World Championships. There were teams from Poland, Brazil, China as well as the top US Teams from all over the country. Team Alliance, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Wilkes Warriors and even the US Naval Academy entered 17 Mid-Shipmen from their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition team.

Two of Phil Ross’s American Eagle MMA/Team Alliance BJJ students earned titles at the two-day event. Zack Fox from Wykoff won the Criuser-weight (190-199) No-Gi contest and 12 year old Julian Rigg from Allendale secured the Gold in Gi and a Silver in the No-Gi children’s competition. Zack’s Gold came after his NAGA National Gold in November.
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Zack Fox & Josh Lay pose with their Coach, Professor Phil RossNovember 17th, 2012, Newark, NJ: NAGA North American Championship: Essex County College was the site of the North American Grappling Association’s annual North American Championships. The Ho-Ho-Kus based American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell School entered two combatants, Zachary Fox of Wyckoff and Joshua Lay of Ridgewood in the nationally ranked tourney. Zach Fox was crowned the No-Gi Champion in the Cruiserweight Division (under 199.9) and in his first contest ever, Josh Lay took home the Bronze in the Light Heavyweight (Under 189.9) competition.

NAGA, along with Grappler’s Quest are two of the top grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu leagues in the world. This year alone, Master Phil Ross’ Team Alliance BJJ school member, American Eagle MMA, has had four (4) champions crowned at these prestigious events. The also competes in the regional, but highly competitive tournaments hosted by The Good Fight.


Master Phil Ross poses with Kettlebell

Master Trainer Phil Ross poses with Kettlebell

Martial Arts & Kettlebell Master, Phil Ross becomes a Certified Bodyweight Specialist.  In the first ever Bodyweight Strength certification conducted by Master of Sport Pavel Tsatsouline (the man responsible for bringing Kettlebell Training to the US), held in St. Paul Minnesota October 13th and 14th, some 60 participants were in attendance. The students were training in the progressions of mastery of the Bodyweight Strength Development and Master Phil Ross was one of the 15 participants to pass the exam and receive certification upon the course completion, earning the title of Bodyweight Strength Specialist. Master Ross, getting set to celebrate his 50th Birthday this October, was the only participant over the age of 40 to receive certification. He will be launching his “Fit and Fifty” program and posting YouTube clips adding more training tips to his active Phil Ross channel

Below is a write up regarding some training benefits from the training:

Naked Warrior Certification/Workshop: Phil Ross, RKC Team Leader, 8th Degree Black Belt

The workshop consisted of an incredible amount of extremely useful strength and balance developing techniques as well as strategies. The progressions to the specific tasks were particularly relevant because you are gaining useable, practical, applicable strength while you are learning strength skills. Some people may never be able to execute a one arm push-up, pistol, an L-sit pull-up or handstand push-up, but they will achieve significant strength gains and improve their lives through their strength practice.

People may think that if they can’t do a one-arm push-up, there’s no need to train in this fashion. That would be akin to telling a runner not to run, because they will never be able to run a sub 10 second 100 meter sprint. Nonsense, incredible strength and body linkage is developed with body weight training and that results in improved performance in strength, kettlebell training, weight lifting, sport, martial arts and daily life. If a student is able to perform a pull up and 20 two-legged squats, they will certainly be able to carry a bag of groceries up a flight of stairs.

Results are achieved by consistent, intelligent training patterns. Exercise discipline in your training. Build slowly and do not skip any level of the progression. That may result in “gaps” in your strength and prevent you from attaining the highest level of proficiency. Achieving real strength does not occur overnight, it’s a process. Quick gains lead to injury and rob one of their potential. Strength is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a long process, but the results can last a lifetime!












September 8th, 2012, Metuchen SportsPlex in Metuchen, NJ:  The Site of the Good Fight’s New Jersey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. The American Eagle MMA Fight Team entered 3 competitors and came back with 2 medals. Zachary Fox of Wyckoff took second place in the Heavyweight White Belt division, he’s been training at the academy for less than 2 months! Zachary Marvin of Mahwah placed second as well in the Ultra Heavyweight Intermediate Division, despite giving up over 40lbs to his competition. James Foody of West Milford competed for the first time in over two years. He had a pair of close bouts, but come up short.

American Eagle MMA is proud to be part of the World’s #1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team, Team Alliance. Team Alliance has been the #1 BJJ Team in the world for the past & years running. The US Headquarters are in Atlanta.

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Master Phil Ross posing with Professor Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti. Chief Instructor, Team Alliance BJJ after the Phase 1 Certification.

August 25th & 26th, Atlanta, GA: American Eagle MMA Chief Instructor, Master Phil Ross completed his Phase 1 Instructor Training with Team Alliance BJJ. AEMMA is now a Certified Alliance BJJ School. There were 12 Instructors from many states present at the training certification. Some of the instructors present were Professor Carlos Rollyson of Miami, BJJ Black Belt David Hurley from Orlando, BJJ Black Belt Noel Danforth from Gaithersburg, MD and Danny Nolasco of El Paso, Texas Jiu Jitsu.

The Instructors were trained in the full Phase 1 Curriculum of The Team Alliance requirements. Techniques, Strategies, flow drills and class structure were all addressed.

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See you on the mat!

American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells: Saturday, August 11th, 2012: Andres Burgos of Waldwick and AJ Lonski of Ho Ho Kus tested for their Junior Black Belts at the American Eagle MMA Academy recently. The 12 year-old students demonstrated the skills of Kicking, blocking, striking, Grappling, Submission Wrestling (BJJ), Katas (sequential movements to simulate fighting) Traditional Weapons, heavy bag work and Kickboxing (live sparring). The test ended with several high level board breaking feats.

The students at American Eagle MMA are well rounded and the two candidates epitomized what our school is all about. They performed the techniques of Bando, Taekwondo, Jun Fan, Arnis, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing. Thier discipline and fortitude was dsiplayed during the 90 minute ordeal. Prior to the physical test, the students completed a 3 hour meditation to prepare their minds.

Master Phil Ross with Dan “Death from Above” Lonski after DFA’s Gold medal performance at Grappler’s Quest.

Morristown, NJ, Mennen Sports Arena, July 21st & 22nd, 2012. American Eagle MMA entered four competitors in the Grappler’s Quest National Submission FIghting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Two of the four that competed brought home Gold Medals. The Father & Son team of Dan & AJ Lonksi of Ho-Ho-Kus both secured Gold Medals in their competitions. Even though it was the first Submission Fighting tournament for the pair, they both bested their tough opponents. Congratualtions!

Other team members that competed but did not place were Zack Fox from Upper Saddle River and Badar Kohkar from Allendale also competed for the first time after only 5 weeks of training at the AEMMA Academy. They both showed well and eventually lost to the second and first place winner respectivley.

All of the students are looking forward to the next competition in September.

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