Master Phil Ross - 7th Degree Black Belt
Master Phil Ross – 8th Degree Black Belt

Everyone involved in Martial Arts gains…. whether from the enjoyment of increasing one’s Athletic and Martial Arts Skills while learning The Science of Fighting, from the many health and appearance benefits of Physical Training and Fitness, from gaining The Mental Edges of Confidence, Discipline and Inner Peace, to the personal Challenges of Competition; if one chooses to do so in your studio, local tournaments or even the stage of Ultimate Fighting. No matter what aspect one desires, martial arts training is beneficial and attractive for anyone who desires to build their mind, body and spirit. - Saya Phil Ross

BGS, RKC, CK-FMS, CPT, Internationally Recognized Instructor, Trainer and Wrestling Coach with over 35 years of experience competing and training in the Martial Arts and Fitness.

Many people have asked me how and why I became an instructor. It can be summed up very simply. The Martial Arts and Fitness has become a way of life for me. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it has made me the man I am today. The lessons of hard work and discipline cannot be found anywhere else. The problem solving, the goal achievement and all of the dedication it takes to become successful has enabled me to overcome a multitude of adversities and reach levels of achievement and a belief in myself that would NEVER be possible without the rigors of training.

My personal, physical and spiritual gains have been so great, that I feel compelled to pass this knowledge onto others so that they too may experience what I have. There is no greater joy than to see someone persevere and achieve with the skills and knowledge that you have been able to pass onto them. I feel so strongly about the benefits of training that I have passed them onto to my family members. Witnessing my daughter attain the level of Jr. Black Belt, after 10 years of training, was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Having my son, niece and nephew training on my floor gives me great pride. I trained my younger brother for 22 years and my younger sister for over 12. It was incredible watching them grow, develop, achieve and change through their time with me. Now they are recognized internationally in the fields of Martial Arts and Fitness, respectively. It has given me great pleasure to have trained them.

There are many other very accomplished individuals that have trained and continue to train with me; The US Navy SEALs, UFC Fighters, Martial Arts School Owners, Professional Fighters, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, Police Officers, US Marines, Professional Athletes, Doctors, Attorneys, a High School Principal, Students with Special Needs, School Teachers, Computer Programmers, Wall Street moguls, moms and dads. The lessons that they learn are carried over into their everyday lives. It’s an incredible feeling to receive a visit from a college student as they relay a story to you about how the lessons you taught them had such a positive impact upon their lives. When the students that I have taught positively influence and guide others with the lessons learned from training with me, there can be no bigger thrill.

The people that I have met and the friendships that I have forged from my involvement in the martial arts and fitness fields is irreplaceable. The more people that share in the same joy and peace of mind that I enjoy, the better.

Master Ross was inducted in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is a High School Wrestling Coach for an NJ State ranked team. He has had the good fortune of either training under and/or receiving ranks from:

  • Professor Jon Collins: East/West Martial Arts Alliance/Bando
  • Dr. Patrick Finely: Bando/Arnis & Shootfighting
  • Frank Shamrock: Shamrock Submission Fighting
  • Professor Mitch Coats: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Team Alliance
  • Dr. Maung Gyi: American Bando Assoc.
  • Shihan James Martin: Shotokan Karate
  • Guro Dan Inosanto: Arnis (Through Patrick Finely)
  • Tom Patire: CDT
  • Dr. Mike Evangel: Taekwondo
  • Chris Catalfo: US Wrestling Olympian
  • Dave Pruzansky: Pan American Judo Champion
  • Carl Cestari: Combatu Defendu Jujutsu
  • Cosmo Ferro (Grandfather) – Western Boxing, Silk City Gym, Paterson, NJ


Coach Phil Ross with Zach Fox and Josh Lay

Coach Phil Ross with Zach Fox and Josh Lay at the NAGA North American Grappling Championships

November 17th, 2012, Newark, NJ: NAGA North American Championship: Essex County College was the site of the North American Grappling Association’s annual North American Championships. The Ho-Ho-Kus based American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell School entered two combatants, Zachary Fox of Wyckoff and Joshua Lay of Ridgewood in the nationally ranked tourney. Zach Fox was crowned the No-Gi Champion in the Cruiserweight Division (under 199.9) and in his first contest ever, Josh Lay took home the Bronze in the Light Heavyweight (Under 189.9) competition.

NAGA, along with Grappler’s Quest are two of the top grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu leagues in the world. This year alone, Master Phil Ross’ Team Alliance BJJ school member, American Eagle MMA, has had four (4) champions crowned at these prestigious events. The also competes in the regional, but highly competitive tournaments hosted by The Good Fight.



American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell’s Congratulates 

Ho Ho Kus’ A.J. Lonski on his 

National Wrestling Title

Most Northern NJ 12 year olds spend their birthday weekend at other than in gym filled with wrestling mats in the middle of Iowa. Not so for Ho Ho Kus resident A.J. Lonski. AJ, accompanied by his father Dan, a former Princeton University wrestler, headed to the USA Wrestling 2011 Preseason Schoolboy Nationals held at the UNI-Dome of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.

There were 28 mats in the 1 day tournament. There were wrestlers from all over the country ages from 8 to 18. A.J., representing NJ in the Elementary School Division, Grades 5/6 at the 95 pound weight class.

I asked A.J. a few questions about his experience at the National Tournament and what he did in preparation for his National Wrestling Championship.

What was your toughest match?

David Carr (Ohio). He was a strong and fast wrestler on his feet and on the mat.  His dad, Nate Carr, is a multiple time NCAA champ as well as an Olympic Bronze Medalist.

How many days was the tournament?

The tournament was completed in one day, October 22nd.  Some of the high school kids were competing past 10pm.

How did you handle the stress of a National Wrestling competition?

Because of prior experiences competing in national tournaments, I knew what to expect; so, I wasn’t nervous. For me, it wasn’t any more or less stressful than any other tournament.
How did you prepare?

In the weeks leading up to the tournament, I wrestled almost every day at 3 different clubs in addition to keeping up with my weight training.  I traveled between NJ, NY, PA and DE competing at various meets and tournaments to get adequate match time.

On tournament days, I prepare to wrestle approximately 30-45min prior to each match.  This includes jumping rope and practicing various moves.
What is your weekly training regiment?

I train at my wrestling clubs 4 times a week (includes drilling, matches and conditioning). I do kettlebell strength training along with MMA training at American Eagle Mixed Martial Arts ( Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ) about 3 times a week.

What are your plans for the season?

This year, I’m really going to focus on continuing my strength development as well as perfecting the new techniques I’m learning.  I think I have the best team around me, including my various wrestling coaches and Sabomnim Ross.  My goal this season is to train hard, to compete hard and to leave it all out on the mat each time.  If I do that, I believe success will naturally follow.  My long-term goal is to be a NJ State Champion and to wrestle in college.

Good Luck AJ, with your work ethic and training team, we have no doubt that you’ll achieve al of your goals and dreams!

Master Phil Ross posing with Professor Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti. Chief Instructor, Team Alliance BJJ after the Phase 1 Certification.

August 25th & 26th, Atlanta, GA: American Eagle MMA Chief Instructor, Master Phil Ross completed his Phase 1 Instructor Training with Team Alliance BJJ. AEMMA is now a Certified Alliance BJJ School. There were 12 Instructors from many states present at the training certification. Some of the instructors present were Professor Carlos Rollyson of Miami, BJJ Black Belt David Hurley from Orlando, BJJ Black Belt Noel Danforth from Gaithersburg, MD and Danny Nolasco of El Paso, Texas Jiu Jitsu.

The Instructors were trained in the full Phase 1 Curriculum of The Team Alliance requirements. Techniques, Strategies, flow drills and class structure were all addressed.

For more information about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, call 201-612-1429 or visit our FaceBook page at American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells.

See you on the mat!


Master of Sports - Pavel Tsatsouline & RKC Level 2 Instructor Phil Ross

Master of Sports – Pavel Tsatsouline & RKC Level 2 Instructor Phil Ross

October 8th through the 11th, United Sports Training Center, Downington, PA: The RKC

conducted it’s first ever East Coast Civilian Certification. There were over 90 participants from all over the county and world. Gireviks, as kettlebell lifters are referred to as in Russia, came from as far away as Italy, Ireland and Korea to become a certified RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Instructor. The RKC is the Gold Standard in Kettlebell lifting and is headed by the Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline, the father of Modern Kettlebell training.

Master Phil Ross, RKC Level 2, was enlisted as an assistant instructor for the international event. Master Ross put the candidates though a Breathing Ladder Workout that he was asked to design and administer at the certification. He also led the test group of 150 plus through an extensive warm up.

The certification weekend was filmed and Amanda Salas provided color commentary and interviewed instructors and participants alike. The documentary will be available on the website and on this November. Be sure to check it out to get a look inside what happens at an RKC Certification.


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