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The Online Beginner Kettlebell Package

The Kettlebell Workout Library is comprised of workouts from the “S.W.A.T. Kettlebell Based Training System: As taught by RKC Team Leader and 8th Degree Black Belt Master Trainer Phil Ross. This dynamic, fully integrated Strength and Conditioning method is a MUST for those who wish to take their training to a new level. Online training, videos, workshops and both group & personal training is available. Call 201.612.1429 or


Kettlebells 101: An Introduction to Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells 101 is an in-depth introduction to Kettlebell Training by Master RKC Phil Ross. This course is presented by Leaders in Fitness and available on their website,  The Course qualifies Personal Trainers 1.75 Credits in the following organizations: ACE, AFPA, NSCA, NESTA, NFPT, PMA as well as others, check with your organization. 

The Introduction to Kettlebells provides an in depth review of 7 basic movements and their variations for a total of 31 moves. The Course includes almost 2 hours of video footage, a 19 page PowerPoint presentation and a test. The Kettlebell Swing, Get-up, Clean, Row, Squat, Press and Snatch. Learn why the Kettlebell coupled with the Hardstyle RKC Training System is most versatile training method available!

To purchase the system, follow the link: 

Cost: $179.99
Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes

The Kettlebell Workout Library (Not available yet – but very soon!)

104 S.W.A.T. Kettlebell Based Workouts. Including warm ups, bodyweight, plyometric exercises, stretching, dynamic tension, isometrics, Tabatas, Warrior Circuits, Complexes, Chains, PowerDure and many other. There is over 24 hours of video, a manual with full color photos.

The workouts consist of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialty workouts. There are also workouts including Bodyweight, Dynamic Tension and Sledgehammers. The manual not only has pictures of many Kettlebell and Bodyweight movements, but also has each workout documented in accordance with the video training.

Online Kettlebell Training Description

Online Kettlebell Training Description

“I just got into Kettlebell training & Phil Ross made it simple with his detailed explanation and breakdown of all of the techniques & movements. This is a must have system for an amazingly low price!”
Mike Constantino Owner/Head Trainer AMA Fight ClubPhil Ross’ Online S.W.A.T. Kettlebell Training Course

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