Coach Phil Ross with Zach Fox and Josh Lay

Coach Phil Ross with Zach Fox and Josh Lay at the NAGA North American Grappling Championships

November 17th, 2012, Newark, NJ: NAGA North American Championship: Essex County College was the site of the North American Grappling Association’s annual North American Championships. The Ho-Ho-Kus based American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell School entered two combatants, Zachary Fox of Wyckoff and Joshua Lay of Ridgewood in the nationally ranked tourney. Zach Fox was crowned the No-Gi Champion in the Cruiserweight Division (under 199.9) and in his first contest ever, Josh Lay took home the Bronze in the Light Heavyweight (Under 189.9) competition.

NAGA, along with Grappler’s Quest are two of the top grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu leagues in the world. This year alone, Master Phil Ross’ Team Alliance BJJ school member, American Eagle MMA, has had four (4) champions crowned at these prestigious events. The also competes in the regional, but highly competitive tournaments hosted by The Good Fight.



Master Phil Ross with Dan “Death from Above” Lonski after DFA’s Gold medal performance at Grappler’s Quest.

Morristown, NJ, Mennen Sports Arena, July 21st & 22nd, 2012. American Eagle MMA entered four competitors in the Grappler’s Quest National Submission FIghting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Two of the four that competed brought home Gold Medals. The Father & Son team of Dan & AJ Lonksi of Ho-Ho-Kus both secured Gold Medals in their competitions. Even though it was the first Submission Fighting tournament for the pair, they both bested their tough opponents. Congratualtions!

Other team members that competed but did not place were Zack Fox from Upper Saddle River and Badar Kohkar from Allendale also competed for the first time after only 5 weeks of training at the AEMMA Academy. They both showed well and eventually lost to the second and first place winner respectivley.

All of the students are looking forward to the next competition in September.

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Master Phil Ross - 7th Degree Black Belt

              Master Phil Ross                       8th Degree Black Belt


Master Phil Ross’ Accomplishments and Credentials:

  • 2010 – NAGA – Expert Director No-Gi Champion Battle at the Beach
  • 2010 – RKC Team Leader – Kettlebell Trainer
  • 2010 – CK-FMS Certified Functional Movement Specialist
  • 2010 – Head Wrestling Coach, Mahwah HS
  • 2009 – US Navy SEALs Kettlebell Trainer
  • 2008- RKC Level II Certified Instructor
  • 2008- NJSAII Region ll Wrestling Hall of Fame Assistant Coach of the Year
  • 2007- RKC Certified Instructor, Russian Kettlebells
  • 2007 – Promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt, Professor Level – East/West Martial Arts Alliance
  • 2007 – Chief Trainer & Head of Security for the NJ Girls All Star Soccer Team, Brazil Ginga Tour
  • 2007- NJ State Licensed Professional MMA/Kickboxing/Boxing Manager & Trainer
  • 2006- Mahwah HS Wrestling Coach, NBIAL Champions, State Sectional Qualifier
  • 2005- Certified Shamrock Submission Fighting Level II Instructor
  • 2004- Certified Shamrock Submission Fighting Level I Instructor
  • 2004- Nominated to the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2003- American Fitness Professionals & Associates Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2002- Appointed to the Front Site Training Commission for Hand to Hand Defensive Tactics
  • 2000- Garden State Games Karate Black Belt Heavyweight Sparring Champion
  • 2000- Garden State Games Karate Masters’ Kata Champion
  • 1999- Certified CDT Master Tactical Instructor
  • 1998 – Medalist in Weapons, Forms and Freestyle Fighting at the Bando Nationals
  • 1997- President Elect of the International Federation of Fighting Arts
  • 1997- NRA Certified in Use of Handguns for Protection Purposes
  • 1997 – Featured in the publication of the CDT Police and Bodyguard Manual
  • 1996 – MVP Award in the New York vs. New Jersey Team Challenge
  • 1996 – United Kung Fu Federation – Competitor of the Year Award
  • 1995 – Amateur National Heavyweight Freestyle Fighting Champion
  • 1995 – Garden State Games Empty hand and Weapons Dual Medalist
  • 1994 – World Martial Arts Hall of Fame – “Man of the Year”
  • 1994 – Certified Instructor – NJ Dept. of Criminal Justice – Defensive Tactics
  • 1994 – Captain of Garden State Games – Black Belt Championship Team
  • 1994 – Captain of World Karate Union – Team New Jersey
  • 1993 – Instructor for the State of the Art Security Training Commission
  • 1993 – NJ State AAU Tae Kwon Do Chairman
  • 1993 – IFFA Executive Board of Directors
  • 1992 – Bronze Medalist – AAU Tae Kwon Do Nationals
  • 1991 – Bodyguard Chemical Deterrent Training Course Certification (Pepper Spray)
  • 1989 – Featured Performer ABC Wide World of Sports “Oriental World of Self Defense”
  • 1989 – Garden State Games Karate – Black Belt Heavyweight Gold Medalist
  • 1988 – Big Apple Challenge Heavyweight Karate Champion
  • 1987 – Reebok Classic Power lifting Champion (1400 lbs. Lifted in the 181 lb class)
  • 1983 – Mr. DC – Middleweight Bodybuilding, 3rd Place
  • 1982 – University of Maryland Olympic lifting Champion – 181 lbs.
  • 1981 – Empire State Games Karate Champion
  • 1981 – Mr. Wilkes Bodybuilding Champion
  • 1979 – AAU Junior Olympic Greco-Roman National Runner-up