Bridging the generational gap with my daughter.

Spending some quality family time with my daughter back from college for her break.

What Kettlebells and the RKC have done for me. This year, I’ll be putting out my Dirty Dozen must have exercises in my monthly Blog. This will cover the 12 months of the year. However, I must digress a tad and let you know how this seemingly innocuous, yet at times evil black iron ball with a handle and the organization that promotes the training – The RKC has had an incredibly significant effect on my life. I know that it may seem impossible, yet locked inside that black chunk of iron is an incredible amount of emotion, sweat, enjoyment, pain, love, trial, tribulation and triumph.

At the beginning of my Kettlebell Journey, people thought that I was a “Crazed Man Possessed”. This may be all true, (wink, wink) but I was committed to spreading the word about  kettlebells and the RKC. I personally had never felt physically better, more challenged and more excited about a training method in my over 35 years of serious training. People looked at me quizzically when I spoke, especially the skeptics of the Greater NY/NJ Metropolitan area. Yet I never let up.

One of the first major Kettlebell/RKC events that changed my life had to do with my first Kettlebell video. I had called my distributor, BayView Entertainment, to see how sales were going on my S.A.V.E. Self Defense video series and they informed me that they were doing a Kettlebell video with Amy Bento. I let them know that I had just become RKC Certified and they asked me to do an Advanced Kettlebell Workout video for their label. They then asked me to establish contact with Amy. We were doing our shoots back to back, so we got to talking during the months preceding the shoot. I wound up letting her use some of my kettlebells for her video. Over the next year, we established a friendship and wound up dating, getting married and being blessed with our daughter Adrienne. Amy became RKC certified and her latest Kettlebell Power video just received a Top 10 Rating from Fitness Magazine in February, 2013.

My oldest daughter, Nicole, a college freshman is pursing a degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Nicole is a Black Belt, HKC Certified and a staunch vegan with a popular recipe blog. At 99 lbs, she can do 100 snatches with the 12kg (25 lb) kettlebell in under 4 minutes. She does yoga, zumba and martial arts in college and ran track in high school. Fitness and sports have helped her through many tough times in her life and have become a big part of her persona and a way of life. She loves helping people live better.

My son Spencer is a poster child for Kettlebell Training. He is 16 years old, 6 foot 1 inch, weighing 210 lbs. His most recent throw of 58’ 8.5” put him at the #7 spot in the nation and #2 for all High School Juniors. One of the most amazing things is that he also wins and places in the 100 and 200 meter dashes and he is anywhere from 50 to 100 lbs lighter than the other Elite Status throwers. I do not have him do barbell back squats, but he can do a heel to butt Pistol (single leg squat) with the Beast (106 lb kettlebell) with either leg, easily! He has never done a max bench press or deadlift. He only started doing those exercises last year, and only for reps. He is a true product of Kettlebell and Bodyweight training.

As you can see, Kettlebells and the RKC has had an incredible, positive impact upon my family. Heck, I even have my 74 year old mom swinging bells three times a week! The RKC is more than a simple fitness organization. It’s an incredible network of people committed to helping others achieve better lives through our proven training methods. Everyone loves to share their knowledge and help others to succeed. We have such a great community with such a vast knowledge base. I’m so thrilled to be a part of it and I know that my life is immeasurably better ever since I made the decision to pick up a bell, sign up for my RKC and go for it. I urge others to do the same. You will get back your financial investment 100-Fold!

Yes, the RKC Certification is not inexpensive. So what? Is anything worth anything cheap? You get what you pay for. If you want to learn how to use Kettlebells from watching YouTube, GOOD LUCK! If you want to be part of an incredible organization of like-minded people, join the RKC Community, it will be worth every penny.

For more information on Kettlebell Training visit Dragon Door or

Welcome to Master Phil Ross’ YouTube Channel. Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to view one of the World’s Foremost authorities on Martial Arts & Fitness: FREE OF CHARGE! Have fun and expand your training knowledge with the posted workouts, movements and Defensive Tactics.

Master Phil Ross poses with Kettlebell

Master Trainer Phil Ross poses with Kettlebell

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Our next Promotional Exam will be held on Saturday, September 21st. 



The next Promotional Exam will be held on two days. Adults & Teens on Friday, Dec. 13th, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Children on Saturday, Dec. 10:15am. No MMA Classes on that day. Kettlebells & BJJ at the usual times. 

AEMMA Calendar of Events

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Date                                                                                     Event

Sat. Oct. 26th, 3:00 to 4:30 American Eagle MMA Halloween Party! Bring your friends.
Sat. Oct. 26th, 5:00pm to ???? Mikayla Walsh’s Junior Black Belt Test.
Sun. Oct. 27th 2:00 – 3:30pm Isagenix and Fitness presentation please see Miss Cathy for details.
Oct. 31st 4:30-7:00pm No Children’s Classes for Halloween
Sun, Nov. 3rd, 8:00-6:00pm HKC Certification in Ho-Ho-Kus @ American Eagle
Fri., Nov. 8th-10th RKC Certification, NYC
Sat., Nov. 16th NAGA North American Championships, West Orange Armory
Sun. Nov. 24th Faustini’s Fall Classic Children’s Karate Tournament. River Edge.
Wed., Nov. 27th 8:00pm Adult & Teen 8:00pm MMA class canceled.
Thur, Nov. 28th School Closed for Thanksgiving
Fri., Nov. 29th, 1:00 Black Belt & Instructor Training
Sat & Sun. Dec. 7th & 8th 2:30 & 1:00pm Brian Walters 2nd Degree Black Belt Test
Fri., Dec. 13th 7:30pm Adult & Teen Winter Promotional Exam
Sat., Dec. 14th. No MMA Classes for Adults & Children on Saturday
Sat., Dec. 14th 10:15am Children’s Winter Promotional Exam

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New Year SpecialAmerican Eagle Mixed Martial Arts: $49 Introductory Special!

American Eagle MMA: Master Instructor Phil Ross. A Mixed Martial Arts Fighting System based on Self Defense, Defensive Tactics, Weapons and Transitions from Stand-up to Ground Fighting. The Martial Arts of Combat Jiu Jitsu, Bando, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Arnis, Muay Thai and Submission Fighting make for an art suitable for competition or the street. Classes for Students ages 3 to 5, 6 to 12 and Adults & Teens.

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Fit Kidz: Master Instructor Phil Ross. Take a Free Fitness  Class. Available for children ages 6 to 12.

X-cel Fitness Professionals Personal Training: Master Trainer Phil Ross and Staff of Certified Trainers. 1 on 1 or small groups.

Pilates Mat Class: Whitney Stern, Authentic Romana Certified Pilates Instructor. Pilates mat classes conducted Wednesday and Saturday.

Functional Movement Evaluations: CK-FMS Certified Phil Ross.

Full screening evaluation, video, write up and corrective exercise plan – $75.

Therapeutic Massage: Certified Massage Therapist Jennifer Chaparian.

Call to schedule your appointment today. First Massage – Only $50.00.

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Instructor Brian WaltersInstructor Brian Walters

Brian Walters is a 1st Degree Black Belt under the instruction of Saya Phil Ross. Brian has been training and studying the martial arts for 18 years, and is the second generation Black Belt in his family. As an instructor, he focuses on the individual needs of each student. Every student learns differently, and Brian hopes to teach the students at AEMMA not only how to protect themselves, but through their training find integrity, develop leadership, and maintain awareness for their well-being. Martial Art training informs every aspect of a student’s life, and it is an absolute joy and privilege to share the martial arts tradition with all the students at AEMMA.
Brian Walters works as a professional actor and performer, and earned his degree at Pace University. The Martial Arts training found its way into his career as well. Brian is active in the Society of American Fight Directors, and has choreographed fights for numerous stage productions. As an actor, Brian has performed in NYC, and across the country and Canada.

Master Phil Ross - 7th Degree Black Belt

              Master Phil Ross                       8th Degree Black Belt


Master Phil Ross’ Accomplishments and Credentials:

  • 2010 – NAGA – Expert Director No-Gi Champion Battle at the Beach
  • 2010 – RKC Team Leader – Kettlebell Trainer
  • 2010 – CK-FMS Certified Functional Movement Specialist
  • 2010 – Head Wrestling Coach, Mahwah HS
  • 2009 – US Navy SEALs Kettlebell Trainer
  • 2008- RKC Level II Certified Instructor
  • 2008- NJSAII Region ll Wrestling Hall of Fame Assistant Coach of the Year
  • 2007- RKC Certified Instructor, Russian Kettlebells
  • 2007 – Promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt, Professor Level – East/West Martial Arts Alliance
  • 2007 – Chief Trainer & Head of Security for the NJ Girls All Star Soccer Team, Brazil Ginga Tour
  • 2007- NJ State Licensed Professional MMA/Kickboxing/Boxing Manager & Trainer
  • 2006- Mahwah HS Wrestling Coach, NBIAL Champions, State Sectional Qualifier
  • 2005- Certified Shamrock Submission Fighting Level II Instructor
  • 2004- Certified Shamrock Submission Fighting Level I Instructor
  • 2004- Nominated to the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 2003- American Fitness Professionals & Associates Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2002- Appointed to the Front Site Training Commission for Hand to Hand Defensive Tactics
  • 2000- Garden State Games Karate Black Belt Heavyweight Sparring Champion
  • 2000- Garden State Games Karate Masters’ Kata Champion
  • 1999- Certified CDT Master Tactical Instructor
  • 1998 – Medalist in Weapons, Forms and Freestyle Fighting at the Bando Nationals
  • 1997- President Elect of the International Federation of Fighting Arts
  • 1997- NRA Certified in Use of Handguns for Protection Purposes
  • 1997 – Featured in the publication of the CDT Police and Bodyguard Manual
  • 1996 – MVP Award in the New York vs. New Jersey Team Challenge
  • 1996 – United Kung Fu Federation – Competitor of the Year Award
  • 1995 – Amateur National Heavyweight Freestyle Fighting Champion
  • 1995 – Garden State Games Empty hand and Weapons Dual Medalist
  • 1994 – World Martial Arts Hall of Fame – “Man of the Year”
  • 1994 – Certified Instructor – NJ Dept. of Criminal Justice – Defensive Tactics
  • 1994 – Captain of Garden State Games – Black Belt Championship Team
  • 1994 – Captain of World Karate Union – Team New Jersey
  • 1993 – Instructor for the State of the Art Security Training Commission
  • 1993 – NJ State AAU Tae Kwon Do Chairman
  • 1993 – IFFA Executive Board of Directors
  • 1992 – Bronze Medalist – AAU Tae Kwon Do Nationals
  • 1991 – Bodyguard Chemical Deterrent Training Course Certification (Pepper Spray)
  • 1989 – Featured Performer ABC Wide World of Sports “Oriental World of Self Defense”
  • 1989 – Garden State Games Karate – Black Belt Heavyweight Gold Medalist
  • 1988 – Big Apple Challenge Heavyweight Karate Champion
  • 1987 – Reebok Classic Power lifting Champion (1400 lbs. Lifted in the 181 lb class)
  • 1983 – Mr. DC – Middleweight Bodybuilding, 3rd Place
  • 1982 – University of Maryland Olympic lifting Champion – 181 lbs.
  • 1981 – Empire State Games Karate Champion
  • 1981 – Mr. Wilkes Bodybuilding Champion
  • 1979 – AAU Junior Olympic Greco-Roman National Runner-up