Get stronger while watching TV?!?!?!? Is this one of those nonsensical claims that require you to send in $14.99 every month for 6 months and you’ll receive some funky, plastic and foam device that will fall apart before you finish paying for it. No, this is much more simple – yet it does require effort.

Here’s an example – I posted it on my FaceBook page the other night and got some interesting responses as well as a bunch of people starting to do the same thing.

While on vacation, we were watching the Godfather on AMC. I was feeling a little antsy, so I decided to do some push-ups during the commercials. The commercial breaks were pretty long, so I did between 25 and 50 reps on each break. By the end of the movie, I had hit 500! And I felt great. I wasn’t even very sore the next day!

You don’t have to bang out 500 push-ups a night, but instead of sitting there watching TV and eating snacks – drop to the floor and do some push-ups, or abs or squats or whatever else you might want to try. Have some fun with it! You’ll amaze yourself, add some strength, burn some calories and not feel like a slug watching TV!

Train Hard & Train Often!

Coach Phil

Never Say Die

You hear it all of the time “Never Say Die”. You see the athlete in competition, whether its MMA, a Grappling Match, a Track Meet or a Football game – the sport does not matter, only the actions that lead to the end result. The participant is behind and it seems as if all is lost and then the tide shifts and the athlete that appeared to be done for surges and emerges victorious.

Everyone wants to win. Wanting to win is not the hard part. Sacrificing everyday in your training, your eating habits and ignoring distractions; that is the difficult task. You need to make your training your priority – no room for excuses – make it to your workouts and push yourself to get better, stronger and faster. Excuses for failure are common, find a way to succeed.

How does this happen? How does one develop this “Never Say Die” attitude? Can it be developed? Or is it only in certain people?

There are certain people born with an innate inner toughness, but if it’s not cultivated, they burn out and lose it over time. Others seem to develop, grow tougher and more resilient over time. How is this done?

There is one sure fire way to develop this Never Say Die attitude, Train Hard. Yes, the more that you sacrifice and persevere, the more you become committed to succeed and less you are able to tolerate failure. There are many times when a combatant is in a scramble, they could easily give in and let their opponent win, yet they do not allow this to happen. The time, effort and pain endured in training comes through and they “dig deep” into their soul and put forth another effort. Training with purpose will not only harden your body, but your mind as well.

When you are training, think to yourself “What is my opponent doing? Is he training like I am? Is he sparring those extra rounds, running that additional mile and performing those few more reps? Is he pushing through the pain?” You will never be able to answer those questions, until after the contest. The best chance of success that you have is to train to your best ability and don’t make excuses for not training.

The more that you put in, the more that you will be prepared to win. Take the Samurai for example. They were in Life and Death Battles. If they lost, they were dead. In order to win, they needed to have supreme confidence. They developed this confidence through their daily training regiment and discipline. The tenants espoused by the Samurai are ones that we can base our training on to develop our Never Say Die attitude.

As Always – Train Hard & Train Often.

Adult & Teen Mixed Martial Arts:

Our comprehensive martial training program consists of the many facets of the Martial Arts, making our system a complete Mixed Martial Art. Our system is comprised primarily of the following arts: Burmese Bando, Korean Taekwondo, Filipino Arnis & Kali, Western Wrestling & Boxing, Japanese & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shamrock Submission Fighting, Jeet Kun Do Principals, as well as Defensive Tactics of various forms. We address the Stand-up, Ground Fighting, Weapons Application & Defense as well as the transitions from one phase to the other by implementing the Four Ranges of Combat.

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Are you embarrassed to start the Martial Arts because you do not know any moves or you are not in shape?

Is there a lack of schools in your area that appeal to you?

Are you afraid of being attacked?


Defensive Tactics & Fitness Professional Phil Ross’ S.A.V.E. ™ Self Defense Workout Video Series.

What is S.A.V.E. ™ and Who is it for?


The S.A.V.E. ™ Program (Survive A Violent Environment), is a unique workout designed to develop the skills necessary for Self Defense. By following the guidelines and practicing with the instructional/workout video the practitioner will enhance the skills as learned through taking the course or as an adjunct to their current Martial Arts training program. The basic level skills included in the program are necessary for fitness and for survival in a violent environment. One needs to be physically fit, have developed muscle memory, and possess knowledge of practical defensive tactics in order to effectively defend oneself, if attacked. This program addresses all of the aforementioned. Once this has been accomplished, “IT” (Instinctive Technique) has been developed. Once “IT” takes over, thought is removed from the process and the potential victim reacts to the external stimuli instinctively.

Who is S.A.V.E. ™ for? The program is designed for everyone. Whether you are a novice or non-martial artist looking to get in shape or a seasoned black belt searching to add to your current repertoire or teach a new class at your studio, this high energy, low impact workout is the answer.

S.A.V.E. ™ is a unique Self Defense and Fitness Program. The techniques and methodology employed were developed by Philip G. Ross, from his more than 30 years of experience in the martial arts, fitness and security fields. The system is comprised of defensive tactics and develops a mindset that enables virtually any person regardless of age and ability, to learn how to defend his or herself while getting in shape. The program is broken into three basic categories:

1) Heighten Awareness: Introductory 1 hour Lecture/Demonstration. Makes people aware of what to avoid and how to identify potentially hazardous situations. Also alleviates the feelings of helplessness by demonstrating what can be done.

2) Increase fitness and development of “IT” Instant Technique: Taking the Level 1 certification course and practicing regularly with a partner or the S.A.V.E. video will enable the practitioner to develop an instantaneous response when attacked.

3) Share the knowledge: At the higher levels, S.A.V.E. is designed to develop instructors. This will enable those interested in teaching the self defense and fitness method to anyone who is willing to learn.