Miss Cathy leading the Lil' Eagles Class

Miss Cathy leading the Lil’ Eagles Class

Cathy Raimonda, AKA “Miss Cathy” leads our Lil’ Eagles Program. She brings over 6 years of experience in teaching pre-schoolers ages 3 to 6. Our program is geared toward learning basic martial arts skills through reinforced movement patterns, motivational activities and fun. The children acquire listening skills and are instructed in exercise that develops their stabilizers, core, balance and coordination necessary for preparing their minds and bodies for activities later in life and serves as a foundation of health and fitness.

We conduct our classes in the mornings, afternoons and weekends to best accommodate your busy schedules.

Fitness, Focus and Fun are the foundation for a successful childhood!

Lil' Eagles practicing a movement drill

Lil’ Eagles practicing a movement drill

B.E.T. Build Esteem Today: A Bully Proof System that you can BET on!

Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and equip our children with the necessary tools to thwart the situations that may occur. Our B.E.T. Build Esteem Today, Anti-Bully Program addresses the “3 A’s”: Awareness, Avoidance and Action and builds esteem in children by teaching them how to handle bullying situations. We address proper posturing and presentation, how to NOT become a victim and situational responses. The system is employed as part of our class curriculum.

Our B.E.T. Program is also available for implementation in schools and community programs. The material is applicable to pre-teen, middle school and High School Students.


Takedown Training

Takedown Training

Children’s Programs:Empowerment, Goal Achievement, Discipline and Self Esteem are just a few of the multitude of benefits that are gained by our students. We have over 35 years of experience in the Martial Arts and Fitness Industry. Our programs focus on the athletic development of your child. The body awareness, core development and total body conditioning will provide your child with the tools for success in any venue of competition. The goal achievement, discipline and problem solving will equip your child with the mindset for academic achievement.

Children’s Martial Arts:A more comprehensive, goal based program for children between the ages of 6 and 12. The focus is on positive reinforcement and situation avoidance tactics. The children are instructed in Taekwondo, basic grappling, defensive tactics, sparring and total body fitness. Additional benefits of training result in core development and improved speed and agility. Children are also schooled in the art of conflict resolution, stranger awareness body awareness.

Children are instructed in the defensive and sport applications of kicking, blocking, striking and grappling. They learn how to move and position themselves in both standing and ground situations. This enables them various venues of competition and prepares them for defensive maneuvers from any position that may require response.

Black Belt Club: Our BBC is available for those students whose desire is to “take their training to the next level”. We instruct the students in Traditional Korean and Burmese Katas (forms) as well Eclectic forms for competition. The students are also instructed in the use of Traditional Weapons from the aforementioned countries as well as Okinawa. The ITP (Instructor Training Program) is open to the BBC members as well. In this program, we instruct our students in the art of teaching, thus becoming leaders amongst their peers.