AEMMA & Kettlebell Trainers

On Saturday, August 18th, seven American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell trainers became certified in Hardstyle Kettlebell training. The 10 hour certification was incredible. A great deal of information was shared with the group. There were 13 additional participants from NJ, NY, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Senior RKC Max Shank was a wealth of knowledge. Kettlebell technique, general strength and class programming were covered.There were 7 members of the American Eagle MMA & Kettlebell school certified as Hard Style Kettlebell Instructors.

American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells facility owner RKC Team Leader Phil Ross, was very proud of his students’ accomplishments. Nykole & Spencer Ross of Mahwah, Jennifer Chaparian of Allendale, Zack Fox of Saddle River, Larry Buchwalter of Ridgewood, John Hartman of Park Ridge and Cathy Raimonda, the studio’s Operation Manager from Glen Rock all became HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructors.

American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells: Saturday, August 11th, 2012: Andres Burgos of Waldwick and AJ Lonski of Ho Ho Kus tested for their Junior Black Belts at the American Eagle MMA Academy recently. The 12 year-old students demonstrated the skills of Kicking, blocking, striking, Grappling, Submission Wrestling (BJJ), Katas (sequential movements to simulate fighting) Traditional Weapons, heavy bag work and Kickboxing (live sparring). The test ended with several high level board breaking feats.

The students at American Eagle MMA are well rounded and the two candidates epitomized what our school is all about. They performed the techniques of Bando, Taekwondo, Jun Fan, Arnis, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing. Thier discipline and fortitude was dsiplayed during the 90 minute ordeal. Prior to the physical test, the students completed a 3 hour meditation to prepare their minds.