Master Phil Ross is an internationally recognized mixed martial arts instructor, trainer and wrestling coach with over 50 years of experience in Martial Arts of various disciplines: American Lethwei (Bando), Catch Wrestling, Combat &  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Filipino Arnis. The combination of these arts and his experience as a bouncer and bodyguard lend American Eagle MMA as an extremely effective Defensive Tactics Methodology. 


His strength and conditioning training includes, but is not limited to Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Dynamic Tension, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Olympic Style Weightlifting. Strength, explosive power, flexibility, mobility and muscular endurance are all achieved with the BodyBell Method. We are proudly serving Bergen and Passaic County, New Jersey.


Learning martial arts and strength training can have numerous mental and physical benefits. At Master Phil Industries, we offer rigorous training sessions though martial arts and fitness instruction. 

Features both modern and traditional methods that enable you to learn how to you defend yourself, bring you inner peace and harmony all while getting an excellent workout!

Our BodyBell Method afford us the platform to provide our Bergen County, NJ based customers with safe and effective fitness and martial arts instruction. You will not only learn self-defense and become stronger and more fit, but also develop positive mental habits.

Our Services

  • Lethwei & MMA: The 9 Limbs of Combat

  • BodyBell Method: Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Dynamic Tension

  • Books: Survival Strong, Ferocious Fitness and the Kettlebell Workout Library Manual

  • Self Defense Classes

  • Weapons Training & Knife throwing

  • Boxing Classes: Boxing for Self Defense

  • Virtual Training: On the UBQFIT app, American Eagle Live! on facebook, The Kettlebell Workout Library and Survival Strong.

  • Catch Wrestling/BJJ

  • Personal Appearances: Acting, Podcasts, Promotions, Speaking Engagements and Corporate Events

  • Podcasts: Master Phil in Your Corner

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