90 Minute Lecture (Copy)



90 Minute Lecture: $1995
(75 minute Lecture, 15 minutes of Q & A)

Survival Strong: Addresses situational avoidance, awareness and preparation. The presentation offers the strategies, techniques and philosophies that will raise the awareness of your staff toward prevention and avoidance of conflicts. The 3 A’s (Awareness, Avoidance and Action), The 3 F’s (Fight, Flight and Freeze) and SIPDE (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide and Execute) are all covered as well as unconventional weapons.

5 Pillars of Strength: This speaking engagement addresses the development of Strength: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Fiscal and Spiritual. Strength in Mind, Body and Spirit are the keys to success and happiness. All of these components must be in alignment to achieve a balanced life.

Fitness for Mental Health: The advent of COVID has brought a double whammy to our society. The increase of anxiety and depression from 11% to 40% and (a whopping 75% for children) as well as increased waistlines with American’s weighing in at 70% being overweight and 42% deemed as clinically obese. We address the dangers of SSRI’s (antidepressants) and provide healthier alternatives through proper nutrition and consistent exercise strategies to improve mental and physical states.

Corporate Workshops:
All participants are treated not only to an instructional survival seminar, but they are furnished with the literature and tools that will enable them to learn, practice and develop their survival skill set. Each participant is provided with a Manual and Survival Strong book, autographed personally by Master Phil.


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