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The BodyBell Method is a common sense approach to strength and fitness with longevity and progression in mind. Developed by Phil Ross, MS, RKC Master Kettlebell Trainer, Martial Arts Master, ACE CPT and Wellness and Exercise Professor. As a master trainer and educator in multiple disciplines, the methodology employed has been successfully applied to athletes of all levels, law enforcement and military personnel, and fitness enthusiasts of ages and abilities.


The BodyBell Method is comprised of movements derived from the Hardstyle Kettlebell protocol, long standing Calisthenics and the lost art of Dynamic Tension. This minimalist approach to fitness uses only kettlebells, the body’s own resistance, a jump rope, dowel, pull-up bar, dip station and an ab wheel. The success of the method is based on the knowledge of the trainer and application of sound, succinct movement and the application of periodization while addressing the Five Areas of Fitness: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Body Composition and Flexibility/Mobility. The various movements and training protocols employed are based on upper and lower body push and pull, carries, single leg, harnessing explosive power and rotational movement.

This is a minimalist’s approach to strength and fitness using very few tools but yields great results. Our fitness tools are our own bodyweight, kettlebells, pull-up bars, dip stations, ab wheel, a jump rope and a dowel. We will occasionally use a towel or the Neuro-Grip push-up tool. The equipment is limited but the results are unmatched.

Each Certification will be conducted in 8 hours. There will be an exit test to pass, workout/class programming and optional marketing presentation.




Elite BBM Trainer Level 1:

Movements Tested:

1)       100 Skips on the jump rope in 90 seconds.

2)       Turkish Get-up performed on both sides.

3)       Two Handed Swing- 10 reps

4)      Kettlebell Clean – 5 reps each side

5)      One Arm Swing – 5 reps each side

6)      Kettlebell Press – 5 reps each side

7)      Goblet Squat – 10 reps

8)      Kettlebell Row – 5 reps, each side, wide stance

9)      Push-ups – 1 minute, Men = 40, Women = 20


Elite BBM Trainer Level 2:

Movements Tested:

1)    Pull-ups – Men 5 repetitions, Women 1 repetition

2)    Standing Jump for Distance – Leap your height

3)    Hanging Abdominals – 20 repetitions, knees to chest

4)    Table Top Bridge for 30 seconds

5)    Snatch – 100 snatches in 5 minutes. Weight classes listed below*

6)    Dual Kettlebell Swings – 10 reps with Snatch Size Kettlebell

7)    Dual Kettlebell Front Squats – 5 reps with Snatch Size Kettlebell

8)    Dual Kettlebell Push-Press – 5 reps with Snatch Size Kettlebell

9)    Turkish Get-up, 1 repetition each side with Snatch Size Kettlebell


Elite BBM Trainer Level 3:

Movements Tested:

1)    Dual Kettlebell Plyometric Squat – 5 reps with Snatch Size Kettlebell

2)    Dual Kettlebell Jerk Press – 5 reps with Snatch Size Kettlebell

3)    Renegade Rows, Alternating – 5 reps, each side with Snatch Size Kettlebell

4)    Strict Press, 1 rep each side. 40% of Bodyweight for Men, 30% for Women

5)    Back Bridge (Wheel) for 30 second hold

6)    Air Lunge, 1 rep each side with Snatch Size Kettlebell

7)    Hanging “L-sit” for 5 seconds (feet above hip level)

8)    Tactical Dips – Men 20 reps, Women 10 reps

9)    Spiderman Walks and Ab Crawls


Weight Classes for Levels 2 & 3

*Weight Classes:


Age 18-49: Below 150 pounds = 20 KG, 151-189 = 22 KG, 190 & up = 24 KG

Age 50 & up: Below 150 pounds = 16 KG, 151-189 = 18 KG, 190 & up = 20 KG



Age 18-49: Below 120 pounds = 12 KG, 121-135 = 14 KG, 136 & up = 16 KG

Age 50 & up: Below 120 pounds = 10 KG, 121-135 = 12 KG, 136 & up = 14 KG




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