A common sense approach to strength and fitness


Learn the Secrets of the BodyBell Method. This Minimalist Approach to Strength and Fitness enables the Instructor to train themselves and their clients with a minimal amount of equipment and space. The combination of Kettlebells, Calisthenics and Dynamic Tension afford the ability of attaining and maintaining top physical strength and incredible fitness even while in Lock Down due to a Pandemic or any other circumstance that limits travel or access to a fitness facility. Kettlebells, your own bodyweight, a jump rope, a staff (dowel) and a towel are all that is required once equipped with this knowledge.

Movements Tested:

  1. 100 skips on the jump rope in 90 seconds.
  2.  Turkish Get-up performed on both sides. *
  3.  Two Handed Swing- 10 reps*
  4. Kettlebell Clean - 5 reps, dual bell*
  5. One Arm Swing - 5 reps each side*
  6. Kettlebell Press - 5 reps each side*
  7. Kettlebell Front Squat - 10 reps, dual bell*
  8. Kettlebell Row - 8 reps, dual bell*
  9. Push-ups - 1 minute, Men = 40, Women = 20

 *The weights of the Kettlebells used will be at the discretion of the Lead Instructor. Weight classes will be applied in Levels 2 & 3 .  
The Elite Instructor Level 1 Course has been approved by ACE for Continuing Education Credits. 
View American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells: www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/continuing-education/ace-approved-courses/



There are three routes to becoming a Certified BBM Elite Instructor:
Attend a seminar conducted by Master Phil Ross. The next one is set for March 8, 2020. $199 prior to March 1, $249 after.
View the LiveStream of the event in real time on March 8th. Purchase the event fro $149.00. Submit a dated and time stamped video of your performance of the 9 (nine) tested movements along with a review fee of $50.00 plus shipping and handling fee of $6.95 and your certificate (participation or certification) of will be mailed to you.
3. Download the seminar video for $149.00 . 
 Submit a dated and time stamped video of your performance of the 9 (nine) tested movements along with a review fee of $50.00 plus shipping and handling fee of $6.95 and your certificate (participation or certification) of will be mailed to you. 
Options 2 and 3 will be available shortly. 
BBM Elite Instructor Level 1 Course: 8 hours
​Cost = $299 Or Virtual download $249

Bodyweight: push-ups, squats, abdominals and bridges. 
Kettlebell: Deadlift, Swing, Armbar, Get-up, Squat, Press & Row.
A great way to learn how to teach the core movements  of the BodyBell Method.
​The next certification date is Sunday, March 8th, 2020 from 9:00am-6:00pm
ACE Approved:
Course Title: BodyBell Method: Elite Trainer Level 1
Course Number: CEP187499
Approval Year: 2020
BBM Elite Instructor Level 2 Course: 8 hours Intermediate
Cost: $299


Bodyweight: Push-up, squat, bridge, lunge, variations, pull-ups, hanging abs, Mobilefit
Kettlebell: Swings, snatch, high-pull, press variation, renegade rows, split squats, etc…
Take your Instruction Skills to another level!
BBM Elite Instructor Level 3 Course: 8 hours
Cost: $299

Bodyweight: Plyometric versions of push-ups, squats and abdominals. One armed pushups and advanced bridges. Handstand and pistol progressions as well as the air lunge and mobility work. 
Kettlebells: Side and bent press, windmills, Plyometric squats, complexes, chains, monstaplex and sandwiches. Tabatas, Scrambled Eggs and Warrior’s Challenge. Learn how to pass your Snatch Test!    
Specialty BBM: $99
Focus Courses: 90 minutes

Learn the “Secrets” that only the experts know in how to maximize performance and reach new levels in technique and fitness. 
Push-ups & Abdominal
Squats & Pull-ups
Bridges, Planks & Handstands
Presses & Rows
Snatch and Clean

Hosts are entitled to 10% of net profit for the first 10 participants and and a free attendee (#11 is free of charge) for the workshops. For 12 and more, there is a 20% host fee appropriated.  Call us at 201-612-1429, email us or text BestFitness to 26786 for more information. We have the ability to cater the workshops to meet your needs.