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The Triple Play Package! ONLY $9.99! Train along with Master Phil on American Eagle Live!, The Kettlebell Workout Library and Survival Strong.  Included are workouts that may be done at home or your gym featuring MMA, Weapons, Training Drills, Kettlebell Based Workouts, Bodyweight, Self Defense and Dynamic Tension.

3 Virtual Training Options


The American Eagle Live! Facebook Private Group. Train along with Master Phil and select from the over 130 recorded workouts including Beginner and Advanced Martial Arts, Kettlebell Based Workouts, Bodyweight, Self Defense, Weapons, Forms and much more…New workouts are posted on a weekly basis.

The Kettlebell Workout Library. Train along with Master Phil, aka The Kettlebell King with the more than 100 Kettlebell Based Workouts, Warm-ups, Plyometrics and Bodyweight. New workouts are being added on a regular basis. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialty workouts are all included. Develop and enhance your Strength, Explosive Power, Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Mobility and Durability.


Survival Strong. Master Phil leads the instruction on how you will be able to protect yourself, your family and your home. Footwork, Mindset, Pressure Points, Defensive Tactics, Strength and Combinations are all learned in this series. More videos are slated to be added in late 2020. Become your own Bodyguard Today!



The BodyBell Method! ONLY $349.99! Learn the Secrets of the BodyBell Method. This Minimalist Approach to Strength and Fitness enables the Instructor to train themselves and their clients with a minimal amount of equipment and space. The combination of Kettlebells, Calisthenics and Dynamic Tension afford the ability of attaining and maintaining top physical strength and incredible fitness even while in Lock Down due to a Pandemic or any other circumstance that limits travel or access to a fitness facility. Kettlebells, your own bodyweight, a jump rope, a staff (dowel) and a towel are all that is required once equipped with this knowledge.

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BodyBell Method Level 1 Elite Instructor Certification


Khyl Farrison’s NY United BJJ Academy

Master Phil is currently teaching at Khyl Farrison’s NY United BJJ Academy in Airmont, NY. He’s Leading a Stand-up Class Monday Nights at 7:15pm and assisting in various other classes.

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