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Attention ALL Golfers! Would you like to Hit the Long Ball? Do you want to avoid back, shoulder and hip pain? Do you want to increase your stamina, strength, flexibility and mobility? Look no further. Let Master Phil Ross, MS, CPT, MKBI, MAM take you through a scientifically based workout specifically designed to bullet proof your back and increase the strength of your shoulders, core, legs and arms, all while equipping you with greater mobility as well as flexibility. 20 minutes a day, three days a week is all that you need. Video and manual download for Only $19.99! 


5 reviews for Golf

  1. Rick Naramore

    The golf swing is a very highly choreographed set of movements that required flexibility, mobility, and strength. Phil’s kettlebell workout is perfectly suited to get your body in the right condition to execute these movements to get your best results. Highly recommended.

  2. Doug Freidman

    This is perfect and really makes sense! There are so many correlations between kettle bell movements and golf. I could definitely use the range of motion and power!

  3. Jack Inserra

    Very insightful
    Plan on using his methodology
    My nephew is a D1 golfer & he saw it.
    V excited!

  4. Chris L

    Great training tool. Already feel like I can turn better and hit the ball longer. Can’t wait for the start of the season!

  5. Greg Robertson

    The combination of adding strength AND increasing my flexibility has totally improved my Golf game! I definitely feel I’m hitting the ball longer! This training is a MUST for all golfers!

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