Our in Person Training is taking place at the Odyssey Athletic Center located at

168 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463.



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Class Schedule: Classes are in Full Swing! 


Kettlebells: 5:30-6:30PM

  Lethwei/Short Stick/Knife: 6:30-7:30PM


Kettlebells: 6:30-7:30AM

Boxing & Blades: 6:30-7:30PM


Kettlebells: 5:30-6:30PM


Kettlebells: 6:30-7:30AM

Lethwei/Arnis/Bat: 6:30-7:30PM


Kettlebells: 5:00-6:00PM


Kettlebells: 9:00-10:00am

MMA Open Mat: 10:00-11:00AM

Click Here to register for Classes: https://calendly.com/philrossmma1

  1. Everyone will need to use the Scheduler Link. Bookings may be done 7 days in advance and up to 1 hour before the class. Please select your training days/time ASAP and we will respond with availability.
  2. Come dressed and ready to train.
  3. If you can’t make it to class, train along with one of our Virtual Sessions on the American Eagle Live! Facebook page: Use this Link  https://www.facebook.com/groups/287453872232089




Upcoming Events

School Closing Dates:

Friday, May 21 there will be no 4:00pm Kettlebell Class. Please take Thursday's (5/20) 6:30am or Saturday's (5/22) 10:00am Class.

Memorial Day Weekend: No classes held Friday, 5/28 through Monday, 5/31.

Independence Day Weekend: No classes Friday, July 2 through Monday, July 5.

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